Agile Terminology Comparison

All the major Agile methods have different terminology.  I try to use traditional terms rather than the term used in any of the Agile methods.  I’ve put together a table that gives a rough comparison of the different terms.

Generic Agile XP Scrum DSDM
Product Vision Metaphor
Project Vision Feasibility Report (in part)
Product Owner Customer Product Owner Ambassador User
Project Manager Coach / Tracker Product Owner / Scrum Master Project Manager
Developer Developer Team Member
Risks & Issues Log Impediments Risk Log
Priority MOSCOW
Project Planning Meeting Planning Game
Requirement User Story Product Backlog Item
Product Roadmap Big Plan Outline Plan
Release Planning Planning Game
Release Plan Release Plan Product Backlog Development Plan
Velocity Velocity
Timebox Iteration Sprint Timebox
Timebox Goal Sprint Goal
Timebox Planning Iteration Planning Game Timebox Planning
Timebox Planning Meeting Iteration Planning Meeting Sprint Planning Meeting Objectives Setting Meeting
Timebox Review Meeting Iteration Demo Sprint Review Meeting Timebox Review Meeting
Task Task Sprint Backlog Item
Daily Scrum Meeting Stand Up Meeting Daily Scrum Meeting Daily Washup
Refactor Refactor
Test Driven Design Test Driven Design
Pair Programming Pair Programming
Developer Programmer Engineer Developer
Project Sponsor Big Boss Executive Sponsor
Team Leader
Technical Lead Technical Coordinator
Tester QA Tester Tester
Coach Coach
Technical Writer Writer
Business Area Definition (BAD)
System Architecture Document (SAD)
Informative Workspace Big visible charts Backlog Graph/Burndown
Release Plan (the out of scope bit) Story Pile Product Backlog Project Review Document