Help! Looking for Topics for “What to do when . . . ?”

I need help. Every month for the last 18 months I’ve been posting something to answer the question What do I do When … ?. People seem to like the format but I’m running out of ideas. I’d appreciate some help finding topics for a new batch of posts in this series. Please drop me a line or add a comment if you’ve got a question you’d like answered or just a suggestion for a topic.

3 thoughts on “Help! Looking for Topics for “What to do when . . . ?”

  1. What do I do when people new to Agile join the team
    What do I do when Agile is followed blindly
    What do I do when we can get people to see the value of automation
    What do I do when I think Agile is actually the wrong choice
    What do I do when there are 10,000 hoplite on my left flank (just checking you read this)

  2. what to do when:
    – designers want to have a task management system separate from the scrum/kanban board. you should encourage self-management, but how do you measure team progress?
    – agile is abused as an excuse for scope creep. (“You’re agile so you’re flexible, no?)
    – there is no product owner
    – developers bring cake that actually tastes like an old running sock

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