A Lean-Agile Perspective at the Project Research Institute

I was recently asked to write a series of blog posts for the Project Research Institute of Athabascau University in Canada. The institute wanted to expose their audience, mainstream project managers, to an Agile perspective. I relished the opportunity and readily agreed.

My aim with my PMI series is to show how the principles and practices of Lean-Agile Software Development offer creative solutions to general project challenges such as governance, uncertainty and complexity, under estimation and empowerment. My first post for the institute tackles this head on and I argue that Lean-Agile relevant to all project managers” simply because Lean-Agile offers a new slant on these problems. I am not advocating the wholesale adoption of Agile by all project managers. Merely to offer up a different perspective to that of main stream project management. Armed with this perspective project managers from other domains may be better placed to face their own challenges.

The first couple of posts have already been published and the rest of the series will appear over the next couple of months. If you want to follow the series on the PIR site then have a look at my blog at Athabascau. Otherwise I’ll also post updates here.