Are you leading or just going for a walk?

If you fancy yourself as a leader, have a glance behind you … is anybody following? Are you leading or just going for a walk?

“I’m a natural born leader, and I’m not getting the opportunity to show that”. Bruce was frustrated because he hadn’t found a comfortable niche in my team or the department in which we worked.

But I didn’t see Bruce as a natural born leader. I didn’t see Bruce as a leader at all. From my perspective Bruce was just walking.

If you think you’re leading and no one is following you, then you’re only taking a walk.

Afghan Proverb

A natural born leader would attract followers. Would lead.

The departmental head and I had invested quite a lot of encouragement, support, and coaching in Bruce. We’d provided him with a number of opportunities to lead. But Bruce didn’t have followers. Didn’t lead. Despite his belief in his own leadership talents, his strengths lay elsewhere.

What about you? Are you leading or just taking a walk?