Five things to do when people don’t to see the value of automation

Not everybody sees the value of automation, specifically test automation. But I believe effective software development demands test automation. What to do?

There are five things you should try:

  1. Get a technical ally
  2. Build monitor
  3. Pair programming
  4. Training
  5. Change the team

Get a Technical ally

As I’ve said before PMs Need a Technical Ally When Introducing Automated Testing. The same argument, made by somebody more technical, is going to be a lot more convincing. Get an ally.

Build monitor

Automated tests become real when you have a build monitor visible to the whole team. The first time somebody breaks the build is a moment for celebration – that everybody notices.

Pair programming

Get a pro-automation person to pair with the resisters. It starts making more sense when you start doing it. Particularly if you are veering into BDD.


Training can help. It certainly can help with any skills gap. It can also help with convincing folk that everybody is doing it – so perhaps they should too.

Similarly conferences, particularly those with a developer / automation focus, can help.

Change the team

Ultimately, you might consider changing the team. Swap out people who are fighting change for people who embrace it.

This post is part of my What do I do When … ? series. Please drop me a line or add a comment if you’ve got a question you’d like answered.