Glad Sad Mad Retrospectives

The guys at Agility in Mind (AIM) recently ran a retrospective for me. I thought their approach was cute and worth a quick post. They prompted the team for things that made them glad, sad and mad.

In my retrospectives I look for:

  • Things that went well
  • Things to improve
  • Things that didn’t go so well

The AIM guys did the same but labeled each of these as categories “Glad”, “Sad”, and “Mad”. I like this because it focuses on emotions rather than process. For example, I always encourage people to share “bouquets”, i.e. things to thank people for, and this fits more comfortably within “Glad” than “Things that went well”.

Glad Sad Mad Retrospective

Glad Sad Mad Retrospective

Disclaimer: I’m sure the AIM guys didn’t invent Glad, Sad, Mad retrospectives. But as I learnt this approach from them I thought I’d give them the credit.

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  1. It really helps getting input from others, it also forces you to make a decision more quickly. And it also helps where others have delt with the same problems before and some incidents might have a correlation with the other. It also helps te get a bigger picture.

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