How to describe your Big Idea in a succinct and compelling way

Having identified “Three-Market-Forces” that highlight an opportunity, you can use the “Big Idea” format to articulate your new product development concept.

The Big Idea format is from the venture capitalist Geoff Moore in 1999 but I got it from Oren Klaff’s “Pitch Anything”. The aim is to express the new product offering in a succinct but compelling way.

For [target customers]
Who are dissatisfied with [the current offerings in the market]
My idea/product is a [new idea or product category]
That provides [key problem/solution features
Unlike [the competing product]
My idea/product is [describe key features]

Big Idea

Big Idea

Here are a couple of examples from my recent work. On targeted audio advertising:

For UK Advertising Buyers
Who are dissatisfied with both Radio Advertising and Digital Display Advertising
The idea is a Digital Audio Exchange (DAX)
That provides the largest Digital Audio Inventory in the UK
Unlike existing FM and streaming radio services
The idea is to target audio advertising to the listener
Unlike digital display advertising
The idea is geared to passive end-to-end consumption of advertising

On personalised radio:

For Next Generation Listeners
Who are dissatisfied with conventional Radio or have never even listened to a Radio
The idea is a Personalised Radio
That provides interactive music and entertainment on a device of their choice
Unlike existing Radio
The idea is enable strong user engagement (share) and control (like, skip, listen again), and opportunities to watch video
Unlike existing music streaming services
The idea is to curate the music using strong Radio programming expertise


Klaff, O. (2011). Pitch Anything: An Innovative Method for Presenting, Persuading, and Winning the Deal. McGraw-Hill Professional