Two Types of Post Implementation Review

Recently people at work have been asking my advice on how to run post implementation reviews of major programmes so I thought I’d write up my thoughts. I believe there are two types of post implementation review and I recommend doing both. The first type happens in Project Closure and the second happens after the project has finished, i.e. Post Project.
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Agile Post-project

Agile Lifecycle Post Project

The Agile Post-Project phase is not really concerned about the project that preceded it, but is instead concerned about the product that resulted.  It is a good idea, but in my experience uncommon, to check that the product meets the business need for which it was created. Often this can only be done some time after the project ends, say 3-6 months.  The Product Owner is responsible for organising the review and accountable for the results.

Agile Project Planning

No battle plan survives contact with the enemy

Plans are nothing, but planning is everything

Field Marshal Helmuth Graf von Moltke

I believe that Agile Project Management provides certainty of delivery. Planning is what lets us answer the question “When will you be finished?”. Planning is, however, just the start of the process. As Moltke pointed out planning is more important that the plan because once you start the project you’ll find the plan is wrong and you have to adapt. All plans need revisiting and you will have to use Agile Project Control, Agile Change Management, and Agile Risk Management to get the promised certainty of delivery.
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