Programmes are more than Big Projects

Some projects deliver products and some programmes also deliver products. The difference is the goal. The goal of those projects is to deliver the product. However, the goal of these programmes is to deliver benefits deriving from the new product. I’ve written about the difference between programme, project, portfolio and product management before, but feel in need of a new rant – a rant brought on by DAD.
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Scaling Agile Software Development for Larger Projects

“Small projects can succeed through sheer force of will and a bit of luck.  Medium and large projects require a more systematic approach” (McConnell, 1998, p. 36).

Most of the Agile Software Development methods are designed for small team sizes, for example the original XP team had 8 people, but what if we’re talking about 30 developers (let alone customers); what process should we use?
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