About Rich Lewis

Rich Lewis has worked in software delivery for 20 years. He first discovered Agile practices in 2004 and moved to Kanban in 2012. Rich knows how to balance productivity and fun, and is no stranger to leading teams through difficult challenges.

Work Item Tracking, to See or Not to See?

Work Item Tracking, to See or Not to See? This is always an interesting debate. The lists are much longer but for simplicity I’ve surfaced a few salient points. So which is best? Physical or virtual? For me physical boards win hands down, but there are occasionally good reasons for a careful blend.
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A U in UX

Obvious, right. Well, perhaps not. After all, what is UX anyway? I have many conversations on this topic, with developers and UX designers, and I never seem to get the same answers. I find that both fascinating, and a little frustrating, and I’m very aware that the feeling’s mutual! I have a simplistic view on this, fortunately for me it aligns with the definition that pops up when you Google (other search engines are available) “what is ux”.
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